Roberto Bocchetti is an Italian DJ / Producer and radio presenter. He is the owner of Milano Lounge, leading online channel for Chillout, Lounge and Electronic Music.

So far, Roberto has written, interpreted and co-produced four singles, all available for FREE DONWLOAD to be shared with friends:


"The Vast Of Night" è il nuovo singolo di Roberto Bocchetti, già disponibile per lo streaming e il download gratuito su SoundCloud

“The Vast Of Night” – Release Date: 1st July, 2022

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The Vast Of Night (Radio Edit) Roberto Bocchetti

“The Vast Of Night (Radio Edit) – Only for Radio Stations

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"CITY LIGHTS" è il terzo singolo di Roberto Bocchetti, in pubblicazione il 22 Giugno su tutte le piattaforme digitali e in radio

“City Lights (William Pitt Cover) – Release Date: 22nd June, 2022

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BeatPort ha inserito nella categoria Maindtage il nuovo singolo di Roberto Bocchetti "POPPERS"

“POPPERS (Int’l Version EXPLICIT) – Release Date: 7th May, 2022

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Copertina bianca con credits di Canzone sciocca, il primo singolo di Roberto Bocchetti

“Canzone sciocca” – Release date: 14th Feb, 2022

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Roberto Bocchetti was born in 1968. Roberto got hooked on music when he was 8, after he got a cassette recorder as a present. Since then, he has been working as a radio presenter, DJ and producer. In 2015 he founded the web radio Milano Lounge, which has been growing and it is now one of the leading channels for Chillout and Lounge music.

During the lockdowns he started songwriting and singing as a hobby and a way to ideally escape from being isolated at home.

Besides music, Roberto is a great fan of Science Fiction. He incorporated some sounds from “Star Trek The Original Series” into his track “The Vast Of Night”, to give listeners the suggestion of flying on a starship.

Roberto believes in the Energy of the UNIVERSE, and thinks that his music should be freely available to everybody, that’s why his tracks are available for free download on Soundcloud. His idea is to do things for fun and passion, with his heart. Then, when a song is out, even if only a single person listens to them and has a good moment, then Roberto is happy.

Obviously, he dreams to reach Glory and Worldwide fame one day, with 1 million listeners, but he doesn’t really care, as long as he enjoys all the creative process leading to the final song and he likes what he has done.

Il DJ Produttore Roberto Bocchetti parla dell'inaspettato successo del suo ultimo singolo "Canzone sciocca"